Whitedrop 50-Pack Sushi Box Food Container


  • DISPOSABLE SERVING TRAY – Whitedrop’s sushi boxs are made from safe and biodegradable components, these trays offer food-grade safety and practicality, ensuring peace of mind for both serving and disposal.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN – Featuring a glass lid, these trays prevent sushi rolls from crushing and provide an attractive display for your unique creations, adding a touch of elegance to your food presentation.
  • PERFECT SIZE – Designed to fit gyoza, shumai, sushi rolls, and other snacks perfectly, these trays offer convenience and ease of use for packaging and serving your favorite foods.
  • PRACTICAL STORAGE – The lid and container design ensures your sushi rolls remain fresh and intact, making it simple to wrap and transport in your favorite to-go delivery box, ensuring a seamless dining experience for your customers or guests.
  • MULTI USE – Perfect for serving sushi, sashimi, appetizers, and more, these trays accommodate a variety of snacks and treats, making them ideal for sushi restaurants, bakeries, and home use.
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