Whitedrop takes a keen interest in providing our customers with ideal products. One thing we do not do is, compromise on quality. Our first and foremost purpose is to value the integrity and nobility of its customers to make them feel valued. Our manufacturers do their level best so that they can make their products unmatched. They strive to manufacture sterile, fit for purpose products for their buyers and do so in a secure environment.

The core mission of our company is to be honest with all our customers. Our manufactures work endlessly to produce the products by acquiring the best materials from around the world so that they can deliver the best of the best. This enables us to build trust with anyone we deal with. Our strategies are based on our client’s priorities. We use trusted and widely-accepted international techniques to satisfy our valuable customers. The Lab offers several plans to meet the industry-standard some of which are:

High-quality equipment:
Whitedrop uses the best equipment and materials required to make sterile swabs. The instruments used by the company are purified and cleaned properly to produce a sterilized product. Special techniques are applied and then further tested for quality control. Our final test is provides us certainty that our products are not contaminated or non-purified.

Innovation Strategies:
Our professionals work hard and carry out ongoing research related to latest innovations in the swab-making industry. We liaise with other industries to make our company among the top-selling companies. The lab is always looking forward to welcoming all the advances in their pieces of equipment and machines. This modernization leads to more chances of becoming a top-ranked company.

Customer Satisfaction:
Our company’s positive approach is to work with customers to fulfill their every need. The company values comments and feedback and our motto is: help us help you. Customers can trust our company to get the latest, highest quality and fairly priced products.

Qualitative Analysis:
Our lab promises to provide you with top-class quality. We aim to get splendid results using only the best of the best technology. The entire process, from creation to packaging is subject to a strict checklist procedure relating to cleanliness and examination. The products are identified into organic, inorganic, and polymeric forms by using FTIR Analysis. We have passed some quality tests including ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. Our continuous inspections and quality control ensure an A1 end product.

Whitedrop has injected many years of knowledge, research and testing into its production of contamination-free cleaning solutions. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by offering a variety of online cleaning products that customers like you can rely on and trust. We are continuously improving our manufacturing processes and finding groundbreaking ways to maintain a sterile work environment.

Contaminate-Free Cleaning Products
In the UK, Eco cleaning products must meet an incredibly stringent standard of quality. Our high-grade cleaning items not only meet these standards but surpass them on a continual basis.

Our items are sealed in specially designed, airtight vacuum bags and containers to prevent any external contamination so that you can have confidence knowing each product you open is free from impurities.

Our controlled manufacturing environment is dependent on the contamination-free raw materials we use. Whitedrop aims to produce all your cleaning products in a hyper-hygienic environment to maintain your confidence and continue to provide you with incredible value.

Often difficult to find in the UK, natural cleaning products are the perfect solution for a wide variety of uses. If you clean office equipment, run a medical practice or work in a biotech/clinic/forensics department you and your business will benefit from switching to a more eco-friendly cleaning solution.

Why Your Business Needs The Highest Quality Cleaning Products Available
When you’re dealing with sensitive equipment or health and medical-related tasks there’s no room for unreliable, inferior products. Your clientele demand quality from you and you should demand quality from your Eco cleaning products as well.

By purchasing our high-quality, online cleaning products you don’t need to worry whether or not our swabs and wipes will leave marks or stains on important equipment. You also eliminate the possibility of harmful germs and contaminants from inferior products transferring into your work environment.

A Clean Workplace Promotes Health and Productivity
A clean workplace keeps employees healthy, happy and capable of functioning at peak efficiency. Show your team that you care about them by providing them with locally sourced, UK Eco cleaning products.

A clean work area can have a very real impact on your team’s productivity. A study at the University of Chicago demonstrated that students placed in a disorganized, unkempt environment were slower to solve problems than those in a cleaner and organized environment. You can have a direct effect on your employees’ productivity simply by offering them clean surroundings in which to work. Having high-quality, easy-to-use cleaning supplies on hand will also encourage your team to be diligent in maintaining their equipment.

Never-ending Pursuit of Perfection
Our company continues to produce the highest quality cleaning supplies in the UK. Our process for product creation ensures every engineer and lab technician works together to create an atmosphere of innovation.

It’s the little things that make all the difference and we pride ourselves on taking care of the small details in your business so you can focus on the big ones. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the high level of quality you’ll find in every single one of our all-natural cleaning products.