Privacy Policy

Here at Whitedrop, our fundamental principle is to value the privacy of our customers. We care about the information that is shared by our buyers and do our upmost to ensure it is used legally and safely.

Our effective policy is set out to make sure our customers are at ease about the personal information that they provide. When they visit our website, we need to ensure them that they are protected and they can trust us with their private data.

The overview of how your data is handled by Whitedrop is outlined below:[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Information receiver:
Whitedrop is the only receiver of your information and we use your personal data responsibly.

How our customer’s data is collected:

The data that we receive from our customers provided to us either by contacting or placing their order on our website.

Visiting our website or using cookies.

Third parties

Information provided:
The information that is provided by our customers includes their name, contact details, payment information like debit or credit cards, IP address, cookies, shipping address and telephone number.

How the information is used:
The information or data that we receive from our customers is utilized for administrative and business purposes. Also, we share your precious reviews to promote our brand and for legal rights. We do not share our valued customer’s information with any third parties except if there is a business deal or for marketing purposes. Customers will be asked for consent first.

Ways to secure the data provided:
The personal information provided by any of the customers is secured by the company’s secure database, using safe servers to store data, and encrypting the data of the servers by the use of “Secure Socket Layer” technology. It grants access to the minimum but necessary data. Thus, the information is safe and sound, and the buyers can easily rely on our privacy measurements.

Our customer’s rights regarding their data:
It’s the foremost right of our customers to provide the correct data regarding themselves. Our honorable customers have the option to restrict their data. Our customers are provided with liberty to withdraw the consent to use your information. They have the right to complain to us or any other bodies if their data is accessed without them knowing.

Sharing of sensitive personal information:
It is the basic responsibility of the customers to not to share their extremely personal information. If someone provides such sensitive information, then the company will have the right to delete that data from the website with or without the customers agreement because we do not intentionally or knowingly collect such personal data from our customers.

Using the legal information for website improvement:
The company has the right to use some legal data for analytic purposes; for example knowing how many times people visit our website, or to know the date, time and location of the person accessing our website. These measures are taken to for marketing and website improvements. The reviews that are written by our customers in the review section help us to eliminate mistakes and to make our website informative and useful for customers. These reviews guide us on steps to take for the betterment of our customer experience with us.

Our company allows our customers to contact us by the following means:

1. By Email:
When a customer contacts us via our website, it is obligatory to collect their data such as their name, email address and telephone number. There needs to be a point of contact between our company and our customers. This is necessary to communicate about general enquiries and orders.

  2. By Calling us:
Our customers can contact us via phone call. In this way, we receive the information provided by the buyer on the phone. The calls may be recorded due to quality assurance as part of our policy.