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Polyester Swabs

Flat, long polyester swabs designed to clean equipment, primarily inkjet printers and camera lenses. Considered a great alternative to cotton swabs. Also can be used as medical swabs. Comes in packs of 500 and 1000.

No Loose Fibers

Unlike organic cotton swabs, these swabs clean and absorb effectively without leaving anything behind. Polyester tip guarantees smooth and absorbent experience....

Clean Small And Miniature Parts

These soft swabs remove debris from small parts in a precise and professional manner. Tips are narrow enough to reach in between narrow spaces where dust and other debris can linger. This makes them one of the best cotton swabs you can buy.

Successful Sample Recovery

These long cotton swabs are also great for extracting small samples in the lab. Lightly moisten to pick up sample liquids for testing and experiments.

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