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Similar to a wet towel in appearance, our cleaning wipes are made of a specially designed, non-abrasive fabric bathed in a proprietary cleaning solution. Packaged in an easy to use dispenser or individually packaged to take on the go, you’re going to love how convenient they are to use. Our cleaning wipes can be used on a wide range of office equipment including computer screens, printers, keyboards, desks, lab equipment, and so much more. Order our cleaning wipes and foam tip cleaning swabs together to get a truly detailed clean without worry of causing damage to your sensitive equipment....

Laptop Cleaning Wipes

According to the Wall St. Journal, computer keyboards are one of the most germ-prone pieces of office equipment in your workplace. When you share your computer keyboard with another person you also share their germs. Regular use of laptop cleaning wipes to sanitize your keyboard and mouse can help significantly limit the spread of viruses and other pathogens.

Our laptop cleaning wipes prevent the need for spraying directly onto the keyboard and provide a quick, easy, and safe way to eliminate germs. Stopping the spread of viruses and other pathogens from traveling throughout your workplace can decrease sick leave occurrences and allow your team to live healthier and happier lives.

Phone Cleaning Wipes

Office and cell phones are another great source of harmful bacteria. Anytime you place something close to your face you increase the risk of transferring germs. Maintaining a clean phone can help you reduce the spread of illness both in your work life and personal life.

Care should always be taken when cleaning your phone. Although designed to be durable, cell phones and landlines both have sensitive electronics on the inside and easily scratched screens on the outside. Apple recommends not spraying any type of liquid directly onto the phone. Our phone cleaning wipes are specifically designed with these factors in mind to help you clean and disinfect without damaging your phone.

Computer Screen Cleaner Wipes

Using cleaners that are not specifically designed to wipe down your screen can cause damage and void your warranty. Many computer screens have an anti-reflective, protective coating sprayed on during manufacturing to reduce glare. Using improper cleaning products on your screen can damage or completely remove this protective, anti reflective layer.

Our computer screen cleaner wipes are specially designed to be non-abrasive to help protect your screen from damage as you clean it. They won’t etch the glass or leave irreparable marks.

TV Screen Wipes

TV screens have a similar construction process where protective coatings are applied. By using low-quality wipes or those not designed for screens, you can easily damage or even completely remove any exterior chemicals. This could cause screen clouding to occur or increase the chance of damaging your equipment beyond repair.

By spraying cleaner or any liquid directly onto your screen you risk having liquid drip down into areas that are difficult to access. Our TV screen wipes apply just the right amount of cleaning solution as it gently removes dirt, dust, and germs.

Eyewear Cleaning Wipes

There are few things more irritating than wearing glasses with scratches on the lens. Seldom do scratches occur from something hitting your lens during regular, everyday use. It’s far more likely you will accumulate scratches from using improper materials to clean and maintain your glasses or goggles.

Reading glasses and safety glasses are both highly sensitive to abrasive cleaning wipes. Using a low-quality cleaning agent or cloth can quickly scratch your lens to the point where they’re no longer usable. Our eyewear cleaning wipes are gentle enough not to scratch but powerful enough to safely clean even the most stubborn debris from your lens.

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