Still Working During the Coronavirus Outbreak? Why You Need Cleaning Supplies For Your Workplace

Still Working During the Coronavirus Outbreak? Why You Need Cleaning Supplies For Your Workplace

Despite government restrictions urging non-essential workers to stay at home during the coronavirus outbreak, many businesses still need to provide essential services to the general public, or just don’t have the capabilities for remote workers. Now, more than ever before, employers need to keep workplaces clean to stop COVID-19 spreading and putting lives at risk.

High-quality cleaning supplies can provide your workplace with an essential lifeline during this national emergency. We sell swabs, wipes and latex gloves that will keep surfaces clean and safeguard your employees who have to work at this time.

Why Do You Need Cleaning Supplies During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Although there is still a lot that scientists don’t know about COVID-19, research suggests that some coronaviruses can survive on surfaces —and for much longer than you might think.

  • Research suggests that COVID-19 could possibly survive on metal, glass, and plastic for up to 9 days unless these materials are disinfected properly.
  • Some coronaviruses can last for up to 28 days unless materials are disinfected properly.

This means that you need to keep the surfaces in your workplace clean and disinfected to stop the spread of this virus.

What You Can Do to Stop the Spread of Coronavirus in Your Workplace

Using high-quality cleaning supplies can help you limit serious illnesses and even death.

We specialize in the following types of cleaning supplies:


Cleaning swabs are essential cleaning supplies that can help you keep your workplace clean and disinfected, whether you work in an office, lab, or another type of facility.

Swabs can target hard-to-reach areas where germs can possibly linger, such as computer keyboards and printer heads. Our high-quality cleaning swabs are manufactured with the best materials to make cleaning your surfaces and electronics easier than ever before. This way, you can keep people in your organization safe and adhere to government and medical guidelines.

We specialize in both polyester and foam swabs (We’ll explain the difference later).


Wipes are also important. You can use these to remove dirt, germs, and other bacteria from a wide range of surfaces in your organization, such as kitchen countertops, desks, tables, and other surfaces.

Our high-quality wipes can remove a wide range of germs in just seconds. Made from the best materials, they are non-toxic, safe, and durable.

Latex Gloves

Latex gloves can prevent people from touching dirty surfaces in your workplace, and protect a barrier to the skin when cleaning surfaces.

Our latex gloves are strong, durable, and easy-to-use, making them essential items during this time.

What’s the Difference Between Polyester and Foam Swabs?

Although both polyester and foam swabs keep surfaces and electronic equipment in your organization clean, they serve different functions.

  • Polyester swabshave “quick-release” properties, which make them great for tasks such as fluid handling, woodworking, and microelectronics. They offer great performance and durability.
  • Foam swabs, on the other hand, have more absorbent qualities than polyester swabs, which allows them to absorb all kinds of dust and dirt that can build up on surfaces and equipment quickly. Foam swabs are made from something called polyurethane. They also offer great performance and durability.


Although millions of people are required to stay at home during the current coronavirus outbreak, some businesses still need to function. At this time, employers need to make sure that they are keeping surfaces and equipment clean to prevent the spread of the virus.

Want to disinfect the surfaces in your organization with high-quality cleaning supplies such as wipes, polyester swabs, foam swabs, and latex gloves? Click here to order now! []


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