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Sterile Polyester Swab WDP714

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Whitedrop’s WDP-714 Polyester Swabs feature a large, rectangular head and long, flexible handle making hard to reach cleaning easy. Whitedrop’s Polyester Swabs are constructed from a double layer knitted polyester head and 100% polypropylene handle bonded with an adhesive-free thermal technique. This ensures the finest quality and contamination-free usage making them ideal for cleaning and surface sampling. Industrial applications include printing, optical, biotech, pharmaceutical, woodworking, veterinary, and computer engineering.


  • Large, rectangular %100 polyester head
  • Long 100% polypropylene handle
  • Adhesive-free thermal bonding technique
  • Durable
  • Absorbent
  • Multifunctional
  • Lint-free construction
  • No loose fibers or particles
  • Precision cleaning
  • Perfect for sensitive tasks


  • Printers
  • Optical Devices
  • Cameras
  • Magnetic Tape Devices
  • Computer Keyboards
  • Typewriters
  • Circuit Boards
  • Plasma/LCD Displays
  • A/C Vents


Model Number: WDP-714

Head Material: 100% Polyester

Handle Material: 100% Polypropylene

Handle Colour: Green

Standards Met: Class 10 ISO Class 4 Certified


Industries used in:









-Hygiene Testing

-Fluid Handling




-Arts & Crafts



Compatible with:


-Optical Devices


-Magnetic Tape Devices

-Computer Keyboards


-Circuit Boards

-Plasma/LCD Displays

-A/C Vents




– Model Number: WDP-714

– Head Material: 100% Polyester

– Handle Material: 100% Polypropylene

– Handle Colour: Green

– Standards Met: Class 10 ISO Class 4 Certified


Dimension Chart:



– Large, rectangular head and long, rigid handle

– Double knitted polyester head, high strength and durable

– Thermally bonded polyester head

– Lint-free construction means no loose fiber or particles

– Can be used with solvents for tough soils

– Flexible handle and non-abrasive head

– Low non-volatile residue level, low ion content level

– Durable

– Absorbent

– Multi Functional

– Precision Cleanin

– Clean sensitive equipment

– Minimum lint or particle generation

– Can be stored for up to 2 years

– Applying lubricants and other liquids



– General purpose cleaning for large surfaces

– Cleaning optical surfaces and magnetic heads

– For surface sampling and cleaning validation

– Cleaning hard disk driver components

– Cleaning micro mechanical parts and accessories

– Cleaning surfaces for the Biomedical and Aerospace industry



100 swabs / bag

2 inner bags of 50 swabs


All swabs are packaged in a vacuum bag to prevent contamination.


Contamination Characteristics:

Property Measurement Test Method*
Nonvolatile Residue(NVR) TM10: Procedure for Determining the Nonvolatile Residue (NVR) Extractable from Swabs in a Given Solvent
IPA Extractant 0.02 mg/swab
Ions TM12: The Determination of Ions in Wipers and Other Materials by Capillary Ion Analysis (CIA)
Chloride <0.01 μg/swab
Sulfate <0.01 μg/swab
Nitrate <0.01 μg/swab
Phosphate <0.01 μg/swab
Fluoride <0.01 μg/swab
Potassium <0.01 μg/swab
Calcium <0.01 μg/swab
Sodium <0.01 μg/swab
Magnesium <0.01 μg/swab


ESD Characteristics:

Handle Resistivity: 108 – 109  Ohms/Sq (Optional)

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500 Pcs, 1000 Pcs

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