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Cleaning Wipes WD024



Nonwoven Cleaning Wipes are Pre-saturated with 99.9% Electronic Grade IPA Solution used in the Preventive Maintenance of Card Printers and Transaction Devices to clean the Thermal Print Heads, Platen Rollers, and Interior Components of the Device.

Technical Cleaning Wipe is a good choice for general use for cleaning large surface such as printer rollers, platen rollers, printer outside and inside casing, as well as printer print head.

It is widely recommended for Cleaning LCD Computer Screen, POS Terminal, ATM Terminal, Keyboard, Label Printer and other Equipment where Ink Stains and Adhesive Residues are difficult to remove.

It can killed most Bacteria.

Technical Specification

Wipe Material : 100% Polyester Spunlace Material

Size Dimension :5 x 6 (in Inches) Thickness Tolerance +/- 0.1

127 x 152 (in mm) Thickness Tolerance +/- 2.54 mm

Packing Pouch Size (mm) : 63 x 88

Solution Content : 99.9% IPA

IPA Volume : 1.0 +/- 0.5 ml


Evolis compatible Cleaning Kits A5024 is used on below Evolis series: Primacy, Elypso, Avansia, Pebble 4, Dualys 3, Quantum, Quantum 2, Securion, Zenius Classic, Zenius Expert, Tattoo 2, Tattoo 2 Rewrite

Packing : 40 Wipes / Box

Part Number : IPA-M3

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