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Foam Swabs

Fine pointed foam cotton swabs that can effectively clean and absorb in small, tight areas. Great option for medical swabs. Comes in packs of 500 and 1000.

Cleans Keyboards

Effectively removes hair under keys better than other methods of cleaning, such as credit cards and other straight edge objects. The long handles make them effective long cotton swabs for easy reaching in tight, paper-thin areas....

Repair Computers

Removes dust and other irregularities from circuit boards, motherboards, fans, and other delicate parts inside computers and other machinery. These are considered the best cotton swabs for such a job.

Great For Arts And Crafts

These soft swabs are great for absorbing glue, paint, oils, and other excess substances to ensure you have mess-free endeavors while crafting and creating. These organic cotton swabs allow you to stay in control of your work.

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