Choose Foam Swabs or Polyester Swabs

Choose Foam Swabs or Polyester Swabs

Polyester swabs are made from polymer and are known for their quick release properties and
superior performance every single time. For woodworking, microelectronics, and fluid handling, the
more durable polyester tipped swabs would fit the job.

Our foam swabs are manufactured from polyurethane, which is known for its durability and
absorbability. They have even more absorbable qualities than polyester swabs.
With sturdy handles and soft, gentle heads that won’t damage delicate parts, you can rest assured
that you are receiving only the best cotton swabs from Whitedrop!

Foam Swabs

Fine pointed foam cotton swabs that can effectively clean and absorb in small, tight areas.
Great option for medical swabs. Comes in packs of 500 and 1000.

Cleans Keyboards

Effectively removes hair under keys better than other methods of cleaning, such as credit
cards and other straight edge objects. The long handles make them effective long cotton
swabs for easy reaching in tight, paper-thin areas.

Repair Computers

Removes dust and other irregularities from circuit boards, motherboards, fans, and other
delicate parts inside computers and other machinery. These are considered the best cotton
swabs for such a job.

Great For Arts And Crafts

These soft swabs are great for absorbing glue, paint, oils, and other excess substances to
ensure you have mess free endeavors while crafting and creating. These organic cotton swabs
allow you to stay in control of your work.

Polyester Swabs

Flat, long polyester swabs designed to clean equipment, primarily inkjet printers and camera
lenses. Considered a great alternative to cotton swabs. Also can be used as medical swabs.
Comes in packs of 500 and 1000.

No Loose Fibers

Unlike organic cotton swabs, these swabs clean and absorb effectively without leaving
anything behind. Polyester tip guarantees smooth and absorbent experience.

Clean Small And Miniature Parts

These soft swabs remove debris from small parts in a precise and professional manner. Tips
are narrow enough to reach in between narrow spaces where dust and other debris can linger.
This makes them one of the best cotton swabs you can buy.

Successful Sample Recovery

These long cotton swabs are also great for extracting small samples in the lab. Lightly
moisten to pick up sample liquids for testing and experiments.

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