High Quality Computer Screen Cleaner Wipes & Laptop Screen Wipes

High Quality Computer Screen Cleaner Wipes & Laptop Screen Wipes

We’re going to tell you a dirty secret. If you’re reading this on a laptop, look down at your keyboard. There are probably thousands of bacteria lurking in-between and underneath those keys.

If you’re reading from a smartphone, you’re not immune to bacteria, either. The typical mobile phone contains more than 25,000 bacteria per every square inch — that’s more bacteria than on a kitchen counter or dog food bowl.

Printer rolls, printer heads, computer screens — these are all crawling with the stuff, too. And 2020 is the year you should do something about it. It’s a new year and a new decade, and it’s time to crank up your computer cleaning credentials.

Create your own ultimate computer and printer cleaning kit with the following must-have cleaning supplies:


Cleaning Wipes

Cleaning wipes are great for getting rid of unwanted dirt, grime, dust, and all that nasty stuff on computer screens, keyboards, and printers. Just a quick swipe of a wipe can remove thousands of bacteria that call these electronics their home.

Not all cleaning wipes are the same, mind. Some are pretty bad, actually. If you want something that actually works, check these out. Pre-saturated with a 99.9 percent electronic grade IPA solution, these non-woven cleaning wipes keep thermal print heads, platen rollers, and other important printing components in sparkling condition.

Unlike other products on the market, these technical cleaning wipes are manufactured for large surface areas, such as printer rollers, platen rollers, printer heads, and inside printer casing, but you can use them on a whole host of electric equipment and remove the most stubborn of stains — LCD computer screens, keyboards, ATM terminals, label printers, POS terminals, you name it.

These wipes kill post bacteria and destroy difficult-to-remove ink stains and adhesive residue.


Polyester Swabs

Polyester swabs come in many shapes as sizes but are mainly pretty tiny in size, so you’ll be surprised at how good they are for cleaning computing and printing equipment. Made from high-quality polyester, you can use these super high-quality polyester cleaning swabs on cap stations and print heads because the material won’t damage this valuable equipment.

Made from a double-layer knitted polyester and 100 percent polypropylene handle, these swabs eliminate adhesive contamination perfectly, making them a great choice for printers, optical devices, magnetic tape devices, keyboards, cameras, LCD computer screens, circuit boards, and much, much more.

Did you know that businesses in the optical, printing, IT, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor industries all use these swabs?


Foam Swabs

Foam swabs are just as small as polyester swabs, and they are just as effective. These high-quality foam swabs have been designed to target hard-to-reach areas with their tapered heads. The foam part of the swab bonds to the handle without any adhesives and will ensure the highest standards of cleanliness at all times, making them one of the best cleaning products out there.

With a non-volatile residue particle level, these swabs are perfect for cleaning expensive computing equipment, cameras, printers, typewriters, circuit boards, and optical devices. The rigid handle provides you with firm support when cleaning and they can remove oil, glue, and much more.


2020 Computer and Printer Cleaning Supplies

Looking to improve your computing cleaning credentials in 2020? Click here to find out more about Whitedrop’s quality cleaning supplies, including swabs and wipes.

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